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This weekend, Focal Point Gallery in association with NYC's Idea Factory launched an extraordinary month long exhibition of young Bronx area artists ages 2-17 years old.

The installation debut a special and unique exhibition of Bronx young people's artwork 17 and younger. Celebrating thirty-nine years of exhibitions and perseverance, City Island's Focal Point Gallery was founded in 1974 by City Island photographer Ron Terner. The Gallery serves as City Island's official exhibition space for multidimensional and exceptional little-known artists.

Some of the young celebrity artists presenting their original work at the exhibition included 2 year old Gabriel Ellis, who was there with his proud Dad and Grandma, Isabel and Father David Ellis.

Also present was art teacher Tiffany MacKnight, with Marian Fabian and Ulysses Perez her talented students from Community Health Academy of The Heights.

Ron Terner and sponsor Joe Moscato are inviting one and all to enjoy the exhibit, which runs until April 28, 2013.

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