AOC Darling Democrat

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The large crowds began lining up in the morning for tonight's PM Show on @MSNBC of @AOC’s “All In Green New Deal,” Special TV Program with @ChrisLHayes at Einstein Medical Center in The Bronx, New York City.

She's my US Representative, and I wanted to feel her Chispa first-hand, so I decided to go. When I arrived all seats were assigned, and spoken for. As I like to tell my college students, it is all about networking. It also does not hurt to have served as a Telemundo news executive, as well as an award-winning producer at NBC News.

Some say she misspoke by saying laws were changed so FDR could not become President again, but I think what she meant to say was to avoid another situation like that of the FDR re-elections. "They had to amend the Constitution of the United States to make sure Roosevelt did not get reelected" #AOC was referring to term limits.

But' its obviously not as serious as POTUS saying next to Putin - I don't know why it would be Russia...

Representative AOC was inspirational, but according to a recent poll AOC's firebrand style of politics not popular among voters.
The Quinnipiac University survey released Thursday found that just 23 percent gave the New Yorker a favorable rating. That has not stopped her from speaking her mind.

One clear difference I notice between Liberals and Conservatives. Why do conservatives waste their time shouting at the media and chanting absurdities like lock her up, or calling people names, without offering ideas? Liberals like sharing their thought and ideas new ideas? "AOC sucks!": Donald Trump Jr. followers have a new villain, and this is their new rallying cry?

She defended a GOP rival as he was heckled. The loudmouth called former Congressman Bob Inglis, who lost his seat after supporting global warming a “moron” because he said the resolution to obtain carbon neutrality in the #USA during one single Congress, suggesting she focus on climate change now and address other issues like basic income at a later date.

“Make the changes now, you moron,” shouted one man from the audience. Representative Ocasio-Cortez said “Hey, hey, hey, hey that’s unacceptable” “And that’s the difference between me and Trump.” And if I may add, the difference between low and high class, remembering when the late Senator John McCain stood up got his former opponent Barack Obama

#AOC thanked others for their work which paved the way for a #GreenNewDeal and for the opportunity to carry this to the public.

Tune into MSNBC-TV @allinwithchris tonight at 8 pm ET to learn more about her Green New Deal proposal. #AOCAllInMSNBC