The Best People

Submitted by ub on Thu, 08/09/2018 - 15:29

How is that draining the swamp promise going so far, POTUS? US Representative Chris Collins, the New York Republican Congressman who was the earliest supporter of Donald Trump’s candidacy for president, was indicted Wednesday on insider-trading charges. Collins claims to remain on the ballot for re-election despite insider-trading indictment.

Top pro-Trump GOP lawmaker charged with insider trading used campaign funds to pay for legal services

Chris Collins, two others indicted on insider trading charges…

Congressman in Bed With Foreign Biotech

Congressman Collins allegedly rushed to share insider information with his son while at a White House picnic.…

The SEC also is bringing insider-trading charges against Collins, his son, and another defendant said to have benefitted from stock tips from the lawmaker. GOP Representative Chris Collins was charged with securities fraud…

Congress Makes Corruption Too Easy

A year & a half later and POTUS Nat'l Security & Foreign Policy Advisors both pled guilty to felonies, Campaign Chair is on trial & Deputy Chair is a witness against him (also pled) and dozens of Russians indicted. Are these your best people? Lock who up?

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