Are You Feeling The Burn?

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GREAT Choices of film clips.

Where did this current political mess we are come from, and how could it happen? The silence is deafening... After way too many major motion pictures tried to warn US.

The following film clips are a compilation of Hollywood warnings that many watched, but few understood the underlying message. In fact, yours truly was in this Warren Beaty film below. Enjoy!

Bulworth- South Central Speech:

Duck Soup - The Laws of My Administration:

Citizen Kane:


President Camacho's State of the Union:

The Dark Knight Rises:

Mad Max Fury Road: Back to the Citadel Scene:

Another Face:

Being There:

The Informant! - No More FBI Cooperation:

Voice of London:

Catch Me If You Can - Nobody's Chasing You:

Bob Roberts Complain:

The Distinguished Gentleman:

Team America Yeah all parts:

Mussolini: The Last Act:

Things to Come:

"Have you no sense of Decency Sir?" - Welch-McCarthy:

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