The Art of A Scam?

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Megyn Kelly no longer such a media darling after Barbara Walters-esque Trump interview

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Kelly failed to hold her subjecThe Donald’s feet to the fire in any meaningful way, and she got endlessly sidetracked. Trump was not about to apologize for his ill-considered retweets or for riling up his minions. Move on. She got her chance to finally go toe-to-toe with a wily, highly evasive subject, and she notably failed to get anything meaningful out of the encounter. Trump ran the table and she offered him minimal resistance, at best.

Fox TV's much promoted and long awaited interview between The Donald and Megyn was broadcast last night and instead of the much-anticipated hardball session, it appeared to be a series of softballs and we wonder if some were previously approved questions.

The on again and off again feud between the two may have just been about posturing and just to attract ratings if last night's interview was a good indicator. Is this going to be classified as an infomercial, or a scam alert?

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Megyn Kelly lobbed softball after softball at Donald Trump last night:

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