Asian megatropolis

Submitted by ub on Thu, 10/16/2014 - 22:41

This metropolis is definitely a mega city. They call it Shanghai and it is like The Big Apple on steroids.

Depending on who you listen to Shanghai is said to have a population of more than 23 million, but our crazy cowboy cab driver, aka speed demon insisted it has 27 million people. In either case, this is by far the largest and the most developed metropolis in The Peoples Republic of China, PRC. With nearly 3 thousand square miles, Shanghai physically, literally, and figuratively rocks in every way shape, or form.

Hu, or Shanghai is a global metropolis, which keeps on drawing international attention. Anyone who is willing to travel over a dozen hours by airplane from anywhere in USA will find it near the Yangtze River. This massive city serves as one of the most influential economic, financial, international trade, cultural, science and technology centers in Asia. The shopping districts and nightlife is amazing, making it a popular destination for visitors who wish to feel it's electric vibes and pulsating development of this once sleeping giant, which promises to take over as the world's largest economic powerhouse.

This super-duper city offers a multicultural flair, with a grandiose global glamor. Shanghai serves as a multicultural blend of the traditional, as well as the modern, with western ways and the oriental ornaments. New skyscrapers and old structures called Shikumen together define the skyline of this city.

Unlike NYC, pedestrians on the sidewalks of Shanghai are often challenged by individuals riding bicycles and electric bikes, most of which do not wear helmets. Meanwhile, the busy street traffic is left to be navigated by brave motorists, just like that cowboy cab driver who drove us in from the airport into the downtown area crossing the city's newest and most modern LUPU bridge.

A word to the wise... Travelers should forget about surfing the web for some free world favorites. There is no Facebook, Twitter or uncensored Google access here. My web page Dose Of News * is also blocked. The reason I was able to publish this report is unclear to me, although perhaps when censors read some of the stories posted here, that may change.

Therefore a word to tourists, who may also be experienced worldwide web fanatic, you will have lots more time for personal, face to face experiences.