Bait and Switch

Submitted by ub on Sun, 02/04/2018 - 11:58

Whatever happened to Mexico will pay for the wall... I'll drain the swamp and so many other so-called bait and switch moves... Has he hired the best people? Are these actions intended to build up or to destroy?

There have been massive firings from people chosen by @POTUS along with an amazing wave of Congressmen who are choosing to retire. Additionally, there is a lack of stability as one day its one thing and the next moment it is another. It appears that under the present administration, being a public servant is a not an easy job, and it’s not likely to improve.

He hired the FBI Director and appointed the Attorney General Deputy AG, but now attacks them. Inside the FBI: Anger, worry, work — and fears of lasting damage

The Wall Street Journal reports that a bipartisan pair of senators will introduce a new immigration bill to move negotiations toward a narrow agreement that leaves out contentious proposals sought by President Donald Trump. US Senators John McCain R, Chris Coons D will introduce an immigration bill that doesn't include border wall funding:

Here are 20 promised @realDonaldTrump has already broken:

Trump's new infrastructure plan doesn’t feature his campaign pledge of $1 trillion in new federal spending, promising instead $200 billion. Trump’s new infrastructure “plan,” explained…

Donald Trump said 4 things that aren't true in a single 47-word tweet @CNNPolitics

Two-faced Trump: the president says one thing in public, another in private…

20 times Donald Trump has changed his mind since June

Trump’s Lies