Baseball Fanatics, Jews and Other Minorities

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Our beloved Bronx Bombers have now been eliminated from the 2013 playoffs and yes, there is plenty of sadness in major league baseball, but that did not stop the small audience from honoring America's Favorite Past-time and its amazing legacy.

The City Island Synagogue played host statistician and university Professor Stanley Rothman today. With his power-point presentation, Stan the man discussed “Baseball Fanatics, Jews and other Minorities.” Professor Rothman, teaches Mathematics at Quinnipiac University and is the author of the book Sandlot Stats: Learning Statistics Through Baseball.

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His lecture about baseball and Judaism hit a grand slam home run with his small City Island audience. If you have friends who are baseball fanatics, you may wish to give them this book.

He spoke about the 14 major league players who hold triple crowns, the highest award in baseball. As the MLB season wraps up, these winners are players who lead a league in three specific statistical categories. A batter who leads either the National or American leagues in batting average, home runs, and runs batted in (RBI) over a full regular season.

He singled out Sandy Kofax, Morris Moe Berg and Hank Greenberg as the greatest Jews in the professional game of baseball.

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