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Will history be recorded by this updated BC term and will AD now mean after The Donald?

There's a huge difference between the greater good and your own individual aggrandizements. Actions speak louder than words. This expression reportedly dates back to 1628 and was first used in 1856 by Abraham Lincoln in US.

Politicians say things and make promises they have no intention of keeping. They say Make America Great many times, but until their behavior coincides with that, no one will believe it.

Are the track records of Trump's Cabinet picks about making America greater or expanding their individual wealth, and nonprofits be damned? O say, can you see... Carnegie or anyone like that on his growing Billionaire Cabinet list?

The wealthiest Americans are worth TRILLION$. They own as much as the bottom half of all the American households combined. Therefore, if Buffet and Gates are like Rockefeller and Carnegie, then where are Trump and his cabinet picks in terms of philanthropic activities?

According to published reports, there are nearly 2K Billionaires' Club members. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and others launched a with a continuing campaign to encourage wealthy people to contribute.

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