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Better late than never. After a half dozen on again and off again announcements over the years, NYC Greenstreets has finally agreed to focus on City Island. The citywide program to convert paved, vacant traffic islands and medians into green spaces will soon be building on Belden Point. It's about time, that the construction project at the southern tip of City Island officially gets underway. On tax day, this is what some of your property taxes will pay.

The long-planned park at Belden Point, where City Island Avenue meets the Long Island Sound, will finally begin. The first time I visited The Point was when my good old friend, Captain Ed Sadler drove me there many years ago.
He recalled sitting on the pier and throwing rocks into the water as a child. Unfortunately, the 95 year old clam digger passed away too soon and long before the pier could be revitalized. He would have been delighted with today's event. In a Seafaring Enclave, Mollusks on the Mind:

The finished design will include decorative pavement and a landscaped area, street trees, benches, a new bicycle rack and new sea railing along the waterfront. Price tag: $420,000 Groundbreaking ceremonies: Wednesday, April 15, 2015 @11:00Aā€¦

PHOTO: Louis Bruno

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Wonderful feel good story. Thanks, City Images!