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The Red Fox will be hosting the grey fox today at a campaign rally. The US Senator from Vermont continues to woo the young vote.

Presidential wannabe Bernie Sanders will be at Marist College this evening to speak with students and faculty members.

The college is the home of The Marist Poll.

We wonder if students are interested in Digital Democracy, which could allow voters to harness the power of technology. A platform to discuss ideas for the people and by the people.

If you are a college student not living in your home state, you can vote in either your home state or in the state in which you are attending school.

Democrats admit mistake that cost Bernie Sanders key delegates

Video: Sanders’ Tax Returns:

A live online stream of tonight's Bernie Sanders presidential campaign event from 7-9P at the following link: … .

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One of my disciples turned me on to this website, I enjoy how all articles are tinged with subtle anti-establishment messages. Mister Sanders is the new coming savior of the new American past working age of resonance. He WILL round up ALL the Illuminati and send them to a prison island where they will be heavily guarded. Bernhard is black to wall street's white. If not there will be an age of revolt led by those with striped shirts and barbecue forks.
I look forward to posting my views and agreements to your anti-government postings.
They call me The Falcon

Is this guy great or what? I told you The Falcon would soon be posting here. Our meeting just ended and we headed over to to read your daily gospel. Bless your message and the lips that carry it. We were discussing Sanders wooing of the young vote is so he can raise a young Army to revolt and take over the country should he not win the general erection. Just like in Romans.