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The arts community across the country has been contributing in meaningful ways to the discussion around immigration following the recent executive order restricting travel and immigration from the countries listed on Trump's travel ban.

As artists and Americans, we are all committed to freedom of expression and the open exchange of ideas which create an environment of mutual understanding and the capacity for empathy.

The Seattle Symphony is inspired to add a voice in the hopes that they can come together through music. They will perform a free concert that will also be simulcast in the 500-seat Illsley Ball Nordstrom Recital Hall, and standby tickets will be issued the night of the performance.

This concert will also be live-streamed on the Seattle Symphony website and via Facebook Live.

Internationally acclaimed author, NYU Professor and media critic, Dr. Jack G. Shaheen, who is a committed internationalist and a devoted humanist told CITY IMAGES during an exclusive interview, the president is fabricating fears and playing into his supporters.

He points to Fox programming like "24" which perpetuates the Arab terrorist message and was careful to point out that Islam and other religions promote peace, while some are unfortunately continuing to feed the fires of prejudice.