Bezos Kisses And Kissoffs

Submitted by ub on Mon, 11/05/2018 - 15:28

It's a jungle out there, but perhaps two USA cities are much closer now than ever before. Jeff Bezos' Amazon is in late-stages of choosing his second headquarters with a small handful of communities including northern Virginia’s Crystal City, Dallas, and New York City. Word is he's considering his hometown in South Florida and may be choosing a couple of locations,

The search for a second home began in 2017, and Amazon has widdled down finalists from 20 cities many of which spent time and energy attempting to attract a kiss from Jeff but still don't know where they stand, We can tell you that he's down to a few suitors, who have done everything they can to get his love and kisses.

Those in the know claim that as JB nears a final decision that could reshape both the tech giant and the location it chooses.

Amazon reportedly in advanced talks about putting HQ2 in Crystal City, Va.…

Amazon in advanced talks about putting HQ2 in Northern Virginia, those close to the process say