Big city living

Submitted by ub on Thu, 12/15/2011 - 11:23

New York City ranks first on any list of US cities with the most expensive cost-of-living, but that doesn’t stop droves of people from moving here each and every year.

You could purchase a single-family home in many other US locations for what you’d pay for a 1BR studio condominium in New York City. How do I know this? I live, as well as own one and for me, there’s nothing like living in NYC.

However, living in a small space requires some extra special efforts:

De-clutter every day. It is much easier to keep your home looking nice and easier to clean when there is little around. Put things away in their place instantly, so you don't have to move the item more than once (keys, coats and bags. Pick up whatever is on the floor that shouldn't be there. When you go through the mail, sort it on the spot, toss the junk and file the bills.

Clean as you go through your home. Leave Swiffers in various places in your home, and wipe/dust as you walk through a room or hallway. After using the bathroom, for the tub - put a large dash of shampoo or liquid dishwashing soap into it as you exit. Swish around with a brush or washcloth and watch the soil go down the drain. Rinse well. If you have a glass-enclosed shower, keep a window squeegee there and wipe down before you exit. Rinse down your sink and faucets after use.

Clean one room at time. Or one category at a time: mirrors, toilets, floors, tabletops, kitchen counters, etc., rather than attempting the whole apartment. Your home will look better, stay cleaner and you will feel better throughout the week. Do one thing or room section a day. Try making personal calls while dusting or cleaning the refrigerator. You won't notice you are cleaning.

Cleaning products: White vinegar/lemon juice. A 50% solution with water sprayed on kitchen counters will keep bacteria away. Use full strength to remove calcium deposits from hard water, and mixed with salt to clean tarnished brass or copper. Cheap vodka works, too! Put in a spray bottle undiluted for a real disinfectant. It is better than peroxide, alcohol or bleach which is hard on skin, nose and eyes. For stainless steel, we love Liquid Clorox. It does not streak, and repels fingerprints. For the all-natural "green" and pH-neutral home, try Dr. Bronner's Castile soap.

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