Submitted by ub on Sun, 08/14/2011 - 14:47

City Island's French BISTRO SK is a welcome addition to the mix of eateries in this charming nautical community. Formerly doing business as Tree House, the restaurant's new owner Stephane Kane was drawn here by our diversity and truly enjoys this City Island avenue location.

Since they opened for business, I have visited the restaurant twice. First, with my daughter and we had an enjoyable dinner, along with my partner and friends. This weekend, I returned to participate in the Anne Hutchinson luncheon celebration. The food is consistently delicious. The service was very friendly and the atmosphere is surprisingly delightful. Duck, salmon and the lamb dishes are highly recommended.

Mr. Kane is experienced in the culinary arts. He has previously worked at DANIEL, as well as ESSEX HOUSE restaurants in Manhattan.

273 City Island Ave, Bronx, NY 10464
(718) 885-1670