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You know I blog you, so please... Blog me do: I am a social scientist and journalist who is interested in government policies and the social order, but I am also a non fiction fiction writer, who is also into media and interested in how personalities respond to rhetorical maneuvers.

Understanding of the Art of Blog Commenting let’s call it ABC, I began fantasizing about how you, the loyal commenters of Lingua Franca, could begin wooing me. The truth and nothing but.

You could pay me a sincere compliment, say on my effective disguise of humor. You could add value by sharing a personal insight Did you find something particularly relatable?”

When you read about my grandchildren, please be sure to leave me with a hunkering to write more. Promise me you’ll use the serial comma. Promise me you’ll stop haranguing me about singular they, and instead you’ll start appreciating my corny sense of humor, keen insights into gendered speech, and especially my clever lines and headlines.

Then, only then, baby, you’ll have me forever and BLOG ME DO ;-) Love me Do