Bloody Borders

Submitted by ub on Wed, 03/21/2018 - 12:42

Back in the early 90's while I was serving as a Telemundo news executive, I had the opportunity to set up an investigations unit to chronicle the increasing number of US Mexico border crossings. Two decades later, it appears that very little has changed.

Whenever or wherever walls crumble, additional walls are bound to rise. In a land full of traditions, a cry for a better life resounds across the border, now stained with the blood of the brave who try to cross it.

They will live according to their principles until their last breath, in the middle of the desert, during a difficult time, where survival is a matter of need, they challenge the most powerful of all bureaucracies.

We write the first draft of history that changes the destinies of border people who cross with fear as they gallop for themselves, their families, the Motherland and for God.

A US Court has ruled there is no liability for the police shooting across the border. A divided federal appeals court has again rejected the civil claims of Mexican parents whose 15-year-old son was shot to death across the border by a Border Patrol agent.

The case made it all the way to the US Supreme Court, which last year bounced it back to the appeals court after broadening the legal protections for government officials facing these types of lawsuits. Three dissenting judges called the Wednesday’s majority opinion all hat and no cattle.

Court: Mexican Family Can't Sue Agent in Cross-Border Death | U.S. News | US News……