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“The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” Shakespeare's “Julius Caesar.” soliloquy by Marc Antony. 

How can a brutal, and morally decrepit Republican Party treat Americans this way in this century? The 21st century is the current Anno Domini or Common Era, by the Gregorian calendar.

I speak as a US citizen with no political affiliation, a former federal government manager a lifelong student of politics, and most importantly as the father of two daughters and five grandkids whom I love and could never countenance their being treated savagely.

The people of the United States and the world are far better off under the Democrats. It may take a blue wave to purge ourselves from that GOP’s evil misogynistic authoritarian theocracy led by zealous, malevolent, terroristic, and degenerate religious hypocrites. 

Members of the disgraced former Grand Old Party are unhinged.

Trump and his MAGA Republicans are “obsessed” with the 2020 loss at the polls.

The moment they lost in 2020, something snapped inside the GOP. Vote them out again.

We’re not going to get caught up poll dancing in the horse race coverage of the 2024 presidential election like we did in past elections, the news media claimed. We’re going to focus on policy and issues and we’re going to ignore the polls.

Then a poll comes out with numbers so striking that they are difficult to ignore. That’s what happened with a poll that had the news media changing course even if some of the buzz was not getting caught up in the polls.

VOTE BLUE for me and you and all humanity, I hope and pray that all American citizens are registered voters and understand this is a break-the-glass moment.