Submitted by ub on Fri, 05/04/2012 - 19:19

NYC 911 Emergency response system appears to need a life saving review. A newly released study finds questionable response time and lack of cooperation between NYPD and NYFD. The report called on the city to calculate response times starting with the moment a person calls 911 and ending with the arrival of units to the scene of the emergency.

This 911 emergency response system, which is funded with tax dollars appears to lack values for the people of New York City. The overhauled 911 system is full of delays and errors that could leave callers without help for important seconds during an emergency, while the fire and police departments do not appear to be collaborating on how to best handle a surge in calls from another crisis such as another terrorist attack.

Today, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office released an edited version of a consultants’ report. The Bloomberg administration is fighting legal efforts forcing it to release earlier versions. When previous published reports were released, a 216-page document was mentioned, but the version released today had only 133 pages... Stay tuned!