Border Disorder

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President Trump's plan to tax Mexico imports could be a stupid move that starts a trade war. This according to the voices of experience.

What is wrong with Trump's border plan, you ask? Major newspaper editorial boards blast Trump's border 'war'

US-Mexico crisis deepens as Trump aide floats border tax idea

Meanwhile, US Border Patrol chief has been ousted in an apparent nod to union that supported Donald Trump. Mark Morgan, a career FBI law enforcement official, was forced to resign a day after the administration announced the first of its new immigration initiatives.

Morgan came to the Border Patrol just seven months ago, tasked with reforming a troubled agency, and he immediately clashed with its powerful union.

The new immigration enforcement plan stirs fears of a return to racial profiling by local police. Trump wants to empower local police to enforce immigration law, raising fears of racial profiling

Carte blanche now for immigration detention, a boost for private prisons. Trump’s immigration orders will make private prison companies filthy rich…

How new policy highlights split within law enforcement community. Big city police chiefs, mayors troubled by Trump immigration order, police union and sheriff's untroubled

Can the courts or Congress crimp immigration plans? Courts and Congress may crimp Trump's immigration plans

President Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities is unconstitutional; a clear and present violation of federalism principles.…

Could there now be a new border bully?