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James Breen with the able assistance of his brother, Thomas Breen are in the process of capturing the final days of the existing City Island Bridge using creative video & still photography methods, including time lapse segments.

The two are painstakingly filming interviews of City Islanders with their personal stories to recall the history of City Island, with a focus on the bridge.

They are also documenting stories about what life is like on City Island.

They're interview with prominent islanders and off islanders discussing the past decade of debate about a replacement bridge. The Breen brothers would like to capture both sides of the issue: those in favor of the suspension bridge which is about to be built, and those who wanted a much more modest design, or the repair of the existing bridge.

They also plan to photograph plans, blueprints and drawings of the existing bridge as well as the other designs that were proposed over the year.

The idea is to capture the entire construction project: the building of the temporary bridge, the demolition of the current bridge, and the construction of the new permanent bridge.

These video artists are filming man on the street interviews to capture the reaction of City Islanders as the project commences. Interviews during major points of the project, such as when the old bridge is closed to traffic and when demolition commences.

They ultimately plan on cutting a short film using footage captured before, during and after the new bridge is completed.

They will create a longer version that would encompass everything from earliest day of City Island, before the bridge, to what life will be like whenever the bridge is finally completed.

Here's another link for a pond time lapse photography:

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