Brian’s Swan Song

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The former face of NBC News, MSNBC anchorman Brian Williams sang his swan song during his final 11-Hour Telecast.

The peacock first blew it when they made Bill Cosby an American superstar. We all remember how that turned out giving validity to the #MeToo movement. First at I-Spy then for The Cosby Show

Then, once again the network fooled the American public into believing that The Donald was a brilliant businessman, and we all learned the real truth about this pea-brained terrible tyrant.

Finally, they promoted a bright young news anchorman, who decided to exaggerate and stretch the truth. He was then demoted and forced off his prime-time broadcast anchor-desk to a cable TV program approaching the witching hour until he clawed his way back to credibility and then plucked the peacock's feathers and left it all behind.  

Happy trails and may he find fair winds, as well as following eyes and ears, Brian Williams' final @MSNBC CableCast. He delivered passive-aggressive snarks like no others. Peacock viewers may miss his tart wit and substance. but it appears to me that he'll once again be on TV.

His swan song, a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before bowing out after nearly 30 years with NBC was classy, funny, frightening, and well crafted.

Although Williams had been alluding to his departure date during previous segments, his regular guests, and constant viewers offered a Tweeter storm of tributes.

With that said, we will make the following news management observations and consider the following possibilities. If Williams wishes to stay on cable news and improve his working hours, he may wind sitting at Chris Cuomo's anchor desk on CNN at 9P. However, if he wished to return to his once broadcast network anchor desk at 6:30P, Williams could be the possible replacement for The CBS Evening Newscast, replacing Nora O'Donnel, whose ratings are reportedly sagging.

MSNBC will present the premiere of a documentary, "Paper & Glue," in place of Williams' Friday program.

On Monday, "The 11th Hour" will be anchored by a rotating group of guest hosts, according to a peacock press release.