Submitted by ub on Thu, 05/03/2012 - 10:26

As funeral services the victims begin today from 4P to 9P at the Parkchester Funeral Home and tomorrow at 9:45A, New York State Transportation officials are going to be installing concrete barriers on Bronx River Parkway to hopefully prevent another tragic crash, which killed seven people.

According to officials, those 2-foot, 8-inch concrete slabs will be installed on the right-hand side of the lanes to block vehicles from hitting the existing fence and falling off the elevated roadway.

These barriers are an interim safety measure are basically the same as the concrete medians separating northbound and southbound traffic. They will go up on the viaduct over the Bronx Zoo, the Amtrak tracks and others that cross over East Tremont Avenue.

The speeding SUV carrying 7 members of an extended family drove off the median, went airborne and fell 60 feet inside property belonging to The Bronx Zoo and killing everyone on board. In 2006 there were six people killed and unfortunately this time, it was seven.

Meanwhile, Fordham, the Jesuit university in The Bronx has created a relief fund for the family of these seven victims.

City Island Images previously published NY State's Official comments concerning this tragic accident.