Brotherly Love?

Submitted by ub on Mon, 05/22/2017 - 17:48

According to recently released research findings, some women look for men who remind them of their brothers. As creepy as this may sound, the Northumbria University study found that some were attracted to their siblings.

Folgers Brother and Sister Incest Commercial - remastered via @YouTube

These findings weren't true of every woman but some partners did show a resemblance to the women's brothers.

Facial resemblance between women's partners and brothers…

The main thing women look for in a partner is incredibly disturbing…

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I never thought of the commercial like that, completely ruined now. The comments on youtube for that are hilarious too:

"Maybe the guy would end up sliding his Christmas candle into his hot little sister's gift box."

"Her lips were watering. She definitely wanted her brother's cock in her mouth."

"I dont have a sister, but I did have sex with many little sisters."

"I never had a sister, my mate done his 15 year old sister back in 1981 when we were all the same age."

"Sex sells, folgers knows that. They were doing more than sharong a cup of coffee, just then they were sharing secrets. All brothers and sisters experiment with sex, and its always the best. Its really smart of folgers to tie it all together with coffee. I need to call my sister now and see if she can spend the night."

"I was able to sneak into my guest room without my wife noticing and did my sister again thanksgiving night."