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Two months of heavy winter snow covering the area and those brutal bouts of arctic air are now endangering the local wildlife.

These animals are under serious stress. Many are in danger of starving because their food sources are covered with snow, or ice and their sources for the water they need to survive are frozen.

Canada geese are searching for food and water this brutal winter, which has been especially hard on all wildlife. These animals have been foraging in places they usually don't and risky places such as banks along parkways and urban these urban streets. This geese group was captured along shore Road in New Rochelle, NY.

Snow has been covering the ground since mid-January across much of the Northeast. The National Weather Service said February was the coldest on record in many places in the region.

Most may have actually starved as a result of this brutal winter weather. Here is one hawk we found in a shopping center parking lot in The Bronx. This one was so desperate for food, he ate one which did not survive. Survival of the fittest. Many other animals mainly waterfowl, owls, hawks are under serious stress.

Photo: Y. CHEN