BS Artists

Submitted by Admin on Sat, 04/01/2017 - 14:43


Have you noticed that our planet is overflowing with BS artists? I've been wondering how every aspect of our lives seems contaminated by BS and realized the problem lies within us.

Why are some many folks easily led to empty voids, or too lazy to engage critical thinking when it's most needed? We're up to our collective waists in manure, and it is our own fault. We need to stop attracting more BS with each passing day.

Procrastinators are at fault for avoiding responsibility for as long as possible, which turns into pointing fingers and accusing the culprits, when we are just as guilty as everyone else.

I know that there are people who are not able to articulate their opinions and this is the group for whom BS is crafted for, mostly because there are more of these idiots running around than there are people with room-temperature IQ. I have a neighbor who gives me the finger when I ask that they slow down while driving inside our parking lot. That single finger must signify an obvious intelligence quotient.

Who is that self-described rich-beyond-our-wildest-dreams person who lives the high life and shoves our noses in it as often as possible, all the while intimating that we too could be this wealthy? Primarily, this cruel joke is perpetrated behind the shield of Patriotism, saying "Only in America" or "Only in this great country" and ending in "Make America Great Again."

What is left unsaid is that very often these people are ruthless and uncaring when it comes to their quest for the almighty dollar, and they're in bed with as many crooked dictators and politicians as their wealth allows them to buy. They're so- called great negotiators who know how to make a deal, but I am not buying that notion, or that daddy gave them a million dollar loan to help build an entire fortune ethically.

One of the lessons that I learned working in media for many years is that it takes more than money to make a man rich. Money is simply the grease which keeps the wheels turning. Rather, what is important is access to information, to the 'right people', to opportunities that the average working stiff doesn't get.

All billionaires who're celebrating an American system are really playing a trick on us. These fortunes weren't built with their sweat, by the old fashion notion of a work ethic, but by cozying up to folks most can't get close to.

A Reality Television 'Star' is like being a famous person for people with short attention spans. We've accepted a culture which worships the mundane and inane; this becomes evident when one considers the caliber of our current political leadership. However, we've managed to take this one step lower and made heroes out of people who are not.

Do you believe they a suitable role model for your brother, sister, son or daughter? Would you take lessons in ethics and honesty from any of them? Would you hold them up as the prototypical American family and draw lessons from them on how to raise healthy kids and comport yourself with dignity and integrity?

You're damned right you wouldn't, if only because you possess superior intelligence, but to embrace being uneducated just affirms; Birds of a feather flock together. Yet, these people have an effect on too many minds that goes beyond their staying power as celebrities.
'I Love the Poorly Educated'

This type of behavior may be impressionable to the uneducated, but one has to speculate about the peculiar mindset that finds such shows entertaining. Either life in America has become like the life of Barron, sorry, I meant barren, sterile, isolated, and in some cases deprived to the point where some are entertained by watching other people degrade themselves in public, or are we creating successive generations of genetic potato salad that one day will demand smell-o-vision", competitive nose-picking, and lectures on making chicken salad from chicken s--t, or how to wipe your a-s?