Camp Pain Rallies

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I come not to defend Donald Trump. I appear here to, once again, try to expose him for what he is - a rapacious, unmitigated monster not unlike Adolf Hitler. But there is this: Trump did not create the ugly Americans who attack protesters at his rallies like the infamous Brown Shirts. He is exploiting them, using them, driving them knowing, full well, that many millions of Americans are angry, ignorant, selfish, xenophobic, racist, and bigoted - not to put too fine a point on it. He has unleashed the mob, summoned the devils, and let loose the dogs of war. Civilization, beware!

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Part of Trump's controversy is his strong attack on the status quo. This unbridled enthusiasm is bringing out rage from those who agree and those who strongly disagree. His supporters and his protesters are similar in their complete disgust and intolerance at those who don't share their point of view.
Oh, speaking of Hitler. Who saw that show Hunting Hitler? He escaped to Argentina, amiright?

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Oh that was a great show! I found myself rooting for Hitler to escape lol. It sure seems like there is more evidence that he did than that he didn't.

Back in 1964 a Republican who campaigned to seek the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States challenged the incumbent Democratic party. Early on, he was accused of attempting to galvanize strategic support while neglecting other groups, eventually becoming one of his primary opponent groups in the race for the Republican Party's nomination.

Throughout that 1964 campaign, he was attacked as a racist and a hopeless captive of the lunatic calculating right-wing extremists by notable individuals who predicted that the nation would erupt into divisional violence. And so it goes...

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