Can We Get A Witness?

Submitted by ub on Thu, 01/30/2020 - 08:18

Those in the know say the signs are pointing to US Senators giving POTUS another pass and cutting him loose, so It appears that America’s goose is cooked by Russia.

Is the American dream, over and has it turned into a Russian nightmare? Is it time to stop looking back at what we were and start dealing with who we have become? When will US Taxpayers confront the painful truths that we've been conned with a neutered press, corrupt politicians, and captive electorate?

It appears the GOP does not want to hear, or can not handle the truth, so Republican Senators will turn their backs on any person who has personal knowledge or who Can give testimony and who was present so as to be able to say when did the president know about it, what did he really do... etc.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell who is the majority leader, as well as other Republicans Are sounding increasingly confident that they have the votes necessary to block any witnesses From testifying and end POTUS impeachment trial. One thing is clear #TrumpWorld does fear #JoeBiden and they will do and say anything to stop the former @VP and presidential candidate. Trump lawyer appears caught off-guard with question

However, "The fix is in. The acquittal will come," former Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele says. "There will be no more witnesses and there will be no new evidence that will be introduced because you're not going to get the fourth senator that you need."

John Bolton stirs GOP fury for Trump revelations but friends say he's used to Knife Fights…

Trump's defense shifts to not 'impeachable' even if true

Alan Dershowitz argued Trump can use national security money to extort a foreign adversary into smearing his political rivals because Trump thinks defeating his political rivals is good for America. This is insane.…

Ex-RNC Chair: I Know McConnell, And Trump’s Impeachment Trial Is ‘Pretty Much Over’…

There’s one landmark television series that was totally staged and not real but managed to warp our perspectives of reality.

Even before Donald J. Trump reached his first hundred days in office, the Los Angeles Times's Editorial Board published the first of six consecutive denunciations "Our Dishonest President."

@latimes condemnation of @POTUS lies, his authoritarian temperament, his war on journalism, and his obsession with conspiracy theories opposed the brazen acts of someone unfit to preside over our Republic.

Long before that, an ominous warning from a real Republican - “Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid.” Abraham Lincoln wrote to longtime friend Joshua Speed who owned a general store.

What has happened to that American we all loved and what is going on here, when rich people who don't even pay taxes are running the US into the ground?