Carmen Maria Warren Robinson's Life Celebrated

Submitted by ub on Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:07

A few dozen of Carmen Maria Warren Robinson's friends and family members paid their final respects during a long awaited religious service, which was held at Trinity United Methodist Church on City Island. Carmen died two months ago, following a long battle with cancer. RIP: 12/2/50 - 6/11/14

She was an artist and a free soul, who lived her life loving people, animals and mother nature. Carmen's husband Ritch Robinson, Peter Warren and others were invited to speak about Carmen during an open mike format.

Carmen's longtime friend and local businessman, Ron Terner shared his impromptu comments with the group and they came from the heart. he spoke about the special bond he had developed with Carmen and the many hugs they had shared over the years. As previously reported here on City Island Images, Turner has been running Focal Point Gallery on City Island for the past forty years. He paid tribute to Carmen and other lost friends by affixing photos he has taken to rocks, along the City Island coast.

Following these services, which included prayers and songs, a reception was held inside the church. The group of family members and friends toasted to Carmen's life, while honoring her with love and laughter.

Photo: Ron Terner