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NY Governor Andrew Cuomo embarks on a trade mission to Cuba today. He becomes the first US Governor to travel to the Communist island, since President Barack Obama eased travel restrictions. His trip may open a brand new front in American politics.

However, the Governor's dad, the late New York Governor Mario Cuomo and the aging Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro share some similar history in baseball.

Fidel was said to be a talented pitcher, with dreams of playing in the major leagues. He was reportedly given a tryout by the Washington Senators. Castro was not signed because he lacked control, so instead of pitching for MLB, he fomented The Cuban revolution that has been a thorn in the side of The United States Senate and The US House of Representatives.

The late and elected New York Governor was given a $2K bonus to play with the Pittsburgh Pirates The following year, this rookie outfielder, who was hitting over .350 injured his wrist The original Italian Stallion once lost control and punched a catcher after being called a racial slur. Nut since that catcher was reportedly wearing his mask, Cuomo bruised his hand , as well as his ego. His baseball career ended when he was hit in the head by a wild pitch.
He suffered a blood clot, was hospitalized and his doctor told him the next one could be fatal. Cuomo then decided to leave MLB and went on to a career as a leading US democrat, where he was elected NY Governor.