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The name Castro has been in politics for decades and the Castro brothers (Fidel on the left) have ruled Cuba with an iron fist for just as long. Thanks to the harsh and tyrannical control by the infamous dictators known as The Castro Brothers, Cuba remains a single party Marxist island with the lowest internet and cell phone service for their local citizens in our entire western hemisphere. How much longer will our world allow this?

However, ii it time to make room for a new and improved political duo of Castro brothers?
Instead of the blues brothers, they're known as the blue brothers. These guys are twins and they predict that Texas won’t be a red state for long.

For Julian and Joaquin and Julian Castro, politics runs in the family. They both represent Texas as elected officials. Julian is the mayor of San Antonio and Joaquin is a U.S. Congressman. The two men are Democrats and swear that Texas is in the process of turning from a red state to blue one.

The Castro brothers predict that in a few years Texas will have a Democratic majority in a state that has long been a GOP stronghold.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro (on left) rose to national prominence after delivering the keynote address at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. What other Democrat did some similar?