Castro Convertible

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With all the DC drama developments last week, a Castro Convertible story was unraveling 90 miles away from the USA.

Apparently, Cuba could not take another Castro. But make no mistake about it, Although Fidel Died and Raúl later resigned after Fidel son, known as Fidelito mysteriously killed himself The Castro Dynasty still controls the Cuban government with an iron fist. No improvement in freedom for the Cuban people. Death of Fidel Castro's son 'Fidelito' reveals a divided family

Cubans got themselves a Castro convertible as 86 year-old Raúl Castro, who obviously had a preference for a taller, younger man who is not a Castro. ceded the title of president to 57-year-old civilian Miguel Diáz-Canel. This was 57 years after the Bay of Pigs, which cost US taxpayers nearly $57 Million in reparation expenses and replaced by a fifty-seven-year-old leader instead of Fidel's son, and some wonder what happened? Too bad this is a nominal move and possibly more symbolic. The end of the Castro era? Raúl's exit likely to change little in Cuba…

However, instead of congratulating #Cuba, foreign leaders should send Castro a message that in this day and age, there is no place for totalitarian regimes that do not allow for opposition parties or provide all freedoms of individual expressions.

Cuba Led By Someone Who Is Not A Castro

Resigned, but Castros Still Hold Sway in Cuba

But there is a long history tied to the Cuban Revolution. Some point to the following speech as a political breaking point. From the beginning. As you can see, Castro had problems with the truth, but as it turns out, The US government also misled diplomats a The United Nations…… file:///Users/owner/Desktop/SS%20.wav

Fidel Castro was also known as a womanizer. Journalist Lisa Howard’s trip to Havana in the winter of 1964 was pivotal in advancing one of the most unusual and impactful partnerships in the history of U.S.-Cuban relations

What does diplomat’s suicide in 1971 have to do with the assassination of JFK?

RIP Happy Birthday Edward R Murrow 1959 interview with Fidel who was also a habitual liar
Fidelito, or Fidel Jr. we're told recently killed himself before his uncle Raul retired and gave his post to a non-Castro

CIA Used Herald Reporter as "Propaganda Outlet" in '60s, Documents Show…

The Real Story of Castro Convertibles