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The chief executive of the world.

It's the mother of all jobs and CITY IMAGES says it's the right time to remind everyone surfing the superhighway in cyberspace to give special credit where credit is due.

Mothers have the most difficult and demanding job there has ever been as they unselfishly carry out their demanding duties as Chief Executive Mother.

Women have proven over the years they are smarter and more capable than they are given credit for. So what is the explanation for the clear under-representation of women in senior executive management? The unfortunate answer is they are interested and capable but unable to break the glass-ceiling. This invisible career barrier has historically been based on prejudiced stereotypes, that conservatives and chauvinists prevent women from accessing the ranks of power.

Stay-at-Home Mom Job Description

Ad for world's toughest job draws few applicants and many smiles @CNN

WoW MoM:

A Mother’s Job Description And Mother’s Day Message From Kid President