Submitted by Admin on Mon, 07/18/2016 - 07:33

The whole world will be watching Cleveland this week to learn how the 2016 Republican National Convention pole bearers plan to solve our growing national dilemmas, instead of continuing their divisive anti-civil rights record.

As the Republican National Convention gets underway in Cleveland this day, with political stars which may have gone too far, the school yard name calling and the mudslinging should stop to explain how TRUPENCE plans to improve the US.

So far, a series of FactChecks reveal that Trump and his running mate have not only oversold their records, but they continue to embellish or make false statements, which have not yet substantiated.

The time has finally arrived when the media smoke and mirrors of so-called reality TV gets shoved aside for substantial solutions to our world's growing issue. The USA can not make huge problems go away with 240 character rants.

Meanwhile, back in Ohio, chasing Cleveland and alarmed by the succession of deadly police shootings, the city's Police union is requesting that state law allowing the open carry of firearms be suspended for the duration of the GOP convention.

Photo: AP