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POTUS Joe Biden sitting in an "invisible" chair in France, wandering off from an event in Italy, or freezing on stage at a LA fundraiser.

‘According to PolitiFact, these misleading claims and others, based on videos that are deceptively edited or taken out of context, have flooded voters’ social media platforms in the last two weeks.

These videos, called cheap fakes, are used by desperate dopes and have become a common tactic to undermine President Biden’s fitness for office as the 81-year-old seeks reelection. Former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, is 78 and he really appears to have lost his marbles and has multiple screws lose.

While the Biden campaign has pushed back on these videos, Trump and his allies have played up the viral clips. Trump’s campaign attempted to redefine cheap fakes as "any unedited video of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline that the Biden administration does not want the public to see."

Not every video of Biden having an awkward moment or making a gaffe is a cheap fake. But increasingly, footage of the president has been manipulated to push false and misleading claims.

Here’s how "cheap fakes" entered the 2024 election glossary, and how experts define the term, apart from the political spin.…