Submitted by ub on Wed, 03/25/2015 - 23:08

The Peoples Republic of China blocks access to what it deems as sensitive activities, or controversial commentary. For example, foreign news outlets like DOSE OF NEWS sites like Google Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others are also blocked in China.

These restrictions comprise the world's largest and most effective government censorship program. They call it Golden Shield, but this old and outdated practice has gone too far.

Every time I have visited China, I have been impressed by the colorful national hobby known as mass musical dancing that older folks organize in local parks. It's a common sight at dawn and at dusk to watch little old ladies dancing synchronized routines and choreographed to popular music.

Mass public dancing to music of all styles has long been popular with all Chinese retirees, with some elders even breaking out impressive moves. But the loud music and large groups have alarmed officials and they say they must restore public order. So the communist government has now approved 12 dance routines developed by China's General Administration of Sports and Ministry of Culture, which has determined songs that the grannies must now learn, if they want to continue dancing in public spaces.

Starting today, public dances will no longer vary by neighborhood, but will become nationally unified.
The dancers will now be controlled by experts, accompanied by government-sanctioned pop songs, and will be taught to the public by more than 600 approved trainers over the next few months.

We wonder what they try next to control their growing population?