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Food for the Soul... When it comes to our body, chocolate as fuel is the last thing that comes to mind, instead of carbs, fats, protein, and water but none of these are as good for you.

According to a new study of sports nutrition, a little dark chocolate may be exactly what you need before you embark on an ADVENTURE.

But a series of delays including drought, violence, disease and pollution caused the price of cocoa beans to rise by 40% without so far having an effect on global demand. Watch these Yioutube VidS.

War on C: Fungus that attacks cocoa plants reproduces by cloning:…

Little Anthony & The Imperials "Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop"

Chocolate Can Boost Your Workout. Really.


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Wow, does that Coco Pops commercial take me back. That was my favorite cereal when I was starting high school and I vividly recall that particular commercial! In fact, my first girlfriend and I used to have this cereal, then strip off all our clothes and float in her pool like the proverbial Coco Pops we were. Chocolate sure is an aphrodisiac for a 14 year old girl, haha take my word. Chocolate cereal and Bob Seger's "Against the Wind" remind me of Corrine. I saw her at our 25th high school reunion a few years ago and man she got fat! I guess things always change and leave behind our good memories for us to cherish. I just hope that chocolate doesn't become a memory. Little did I think an article about chocolate would get me all worked up haha.

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I don't normally post comments here but I couldn't resist. Your story reminds me of gym class in high school when we would head to the swimming pool. Swimming with girls is quite the experience for a teenager. I had never seen anyone so beautiful as Natalie with her hair wet. There was so much sexual tension under that chlorine water, we used to touch each other so inappropriately in the pool. Haha we would get in so much trouble if we we students now and did that but the teacher didn't care, he just turned his back to the debauchery in the pool. I would swim up and grab her behind or be-front, and Natalie would do the same. Sometimes she would pull her one piece swimsuit aside at the bottom and show what was underneath just to get a "reaction" out of me; talk about sexual harassment! I was married to her until 1983. Ahh those we the days, Nixon was in office, muscle cars were fast, and I was young.
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