Chris Christie is full of....

Submitted by ub on Thu, 10/30/2014 - 08:07

If you were asked to finish this sentence, would you say leadership, hot air, himself, crap, or what?

NJ Governor Chris Christie is one of the most talked-about Republicans in the country on the eve of an election in which he isn't even on the ballot.

Is this déjà vu all over again? He did it back in 2012, when he bonded with President Obama while touring the hurricane-ravaged Jersey Shore.

And with midterm elections one week away, Christie finds himself at the center of another storm as he stares down the federal government over the question of what to do with aid workers returning from West Africa. Christie has decided he can forcibly quarantine travelers at risk of Ebola,

Christie is probably betting that his style can be an asset in the 2016 presidential contest, which will start to take shape soon after next week's elections. Last time around, the Republicans nominated Mitt Romney, who is just as cool and calculating as Obama and who offered little by way of flattering contrast. The GOP won't go that route again. Governor Christie has his flaws as both a foil and a candidate, but lack of boldness has never been one of them.

Sandy victim that Chris Christie told to "sit down and shut up" tells his side of the story:

Gov. Christie to heckler at Sandy anniversary event: 'Sit down and shut up!' via @pix11news

Will Christie's 'sit down and shut up' style work outside New Jersey?…