Christmas Chaos

Submitted by ub on Tue, 12/25/2018 - 03:03

A Merry Christmas wish, is offering a happy birthday and a welcoming gesture to an immigrant and his family.
Do evangelicals realize Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, whose family then fled persecution?

On the third day of shut down our commander in chief said to We The People... @realdonaldtrump refuses to release his taxes.
He then promised Mexico would pay for a wall and his base cheered.
Now he insists #AmericanTaxpayers must pay for it.
His Republican Party has shut down the federal government
How long will his shrinking base continue to cheer?
Is @GOP a dwindling cult of Donald personality?
The Republican Party might be an American disgrace
But the greatest nation is stil AMERICA The beautiful
Our democracy is strong enough to survive
American values are still worth celebrating
All of us love the #USA and will stay that way

Insecure so-called leaders delegate to achieve the desired results. They accept full responsibility for each and every outcome and result.

The insecure is hovering over and snoopervising. They exhibit false trust by disengaging and stepping back while attempting to make those carrying out the mission feel as though they are responsible. They only pretend to trust. But, fire or replace staff.

They marginalize their team. They don’t make time to listen to anyone. If their idea doesn’t work, they blame others.

The Insecure will often be complaining about their team,