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The August Meeting of the City Island Civic Association will take place on August 30th, 2011, at 7:30 p.m. at 190 Fordham Street. We welcome your input and attendance and we need your help.There is no guest speaker invited or expected to attend.

There will updates given from our Crime, Quality of Life, Development and Traffic Committees.

An update will given on recent developments with the Library Bar. This establishment was nuisance abated for underage sales by the 45th Precinct, supported by Senator Klein and Community Board #10. However, a new license by the same owners is coming up and if this establishment caused you problems, you should attend theEconomic Development meeting of Community Board #10 on Monday, September 19, 2011, to be held at 7:30 PM at 3165 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY, 10461.

Thank you to Councilman Vacca and former Councilwoman Provenzano for renovating the kitchen at Engine 70/Ladder 53 Firehouse. Thank you to our firefighters who put their lives on the line each and every day to protect our community and city!

By all accounts, traffic enforcement on City Island has been very effective. Our thanks to Captain Green of the 45th Precinct, his officers and our own Traffic Committee Chair Paul Nani!

The City Island Library was recently profiled by the New York Times Blog City Room for their community garden. Thank you to all those involved in making our community a better place.

Minutes of the July 26, 2011 meeting:

The meeting was brought to order at 8:37 pm by Bill Stanton, president. The minutes of the June minutes were accepted as distributed. The treasurer reported that there was $14,813 in the Civic account and $10,084 in the SONE account.

​Crime report: the NY Post published an article on July 11 reporting on drug activity in the Laurels on which the NYPD narcotics department has done nothing although given full information. Islanders must still remain vigilant to illegal activity and report it, anonymously if necessary, to 911 or 311 with a follow-up report to Bill Stanton, the Civic e-mail address, or Jimmy Vacca’s office. Such activity has been witnessed at several locations on the Island. Graffiti, garbage, dog messes, and more are on the increase, to the detriment of the community. We have to speak up and fight to prevent this from getting worse. We have to send a clear message that this behavior will not be tolerated here.

​Traffic report: Paul Nani was unable to attend but sent in a report. He said that the hole in the road in the CI Circle had finally been filled after many months, thanks to the intervention of Marianne Anderson of the Parks Department. The police coverage and especially the traffic control have been excellent this summer. A resident of Reynolds St requested a speed bump but it may not happen.

​Quality of Life: Graffiti, garbage and the other issues are, as noted, getting worse. The unfinished buildings at the north end of the island are becoming a garbage dump, which may lead to a health issue. There has been vandalism by kids at the Nautical Museum. The police have responded to noise complaints at Seafood City, which has complied and eliminated DJ nights, although the owners have not responded to invitations to address the community. The Community Board 10 chair wrote to Seafood City suggesting noise barriers. The parking lot is also an issue, but Capt Green is on the case and summonses have been served. Private security guards for the parking lot and sobriety check points on the way out were recommended. Complaints can also be sent to the State Liquor Authority website. Thanks to the police, especially Capt. Green, July 4 was incident free, with few illegal fireworks and loud parties. The motorcycles are still out of control speeding in the fire lane, especially after midnight.

John Doyle of Senator Klein’s Office reported that the drunk driver who hit Emily Sexton in November pleaded guilty and is serving time. The Library Bar, which served him, is about to be closed for selling liquor to underage teens; there is also an issue with the actual license owner which the Senator is working to resolve with the State Liquor Authority. The alleged live-in palm reader is being inspected and summonses have been issued. The Belden Point project is moving ahead; a design from the Parks Dept will be completed in the fall. The funding for the long-awaited security cameras is about to be released in Albany.

Development: There was some discussion of the Italian Hospital Society senior housing project for Schofield Street; the zoning would have to be changed but the developer plans to avoid City Planning and the Council and go directly to the Board of Standards and Appeals. This is not assisted living; most agree that 200 tiny rental units are too many and the number of parking spaces too few. We will pass these concerns along to Senator Klein, who has dedicated some capital funding to the project.

​The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.