CIMAGES Exclusive Interview with Bronx Borough President

Submitted by ub on Mon, 10/03/2011 - 14:21

Following multiple requests, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr today gave an exclusive interview to City Island Images - We began by asking our borough leader when was the last time he visited City Island? He said officially, it was for the Memorial Day Parade and personally, a couple of weeks ago, when he and his family came here to visit. Diaz explained that Bronx has 1.4 million residents, along with 12 community boards, so it's a massive area that keeps him busy. We spoke with him in English and also in Spanish. In fact his bilingual language skills are quite impressive.

We went on to ask President Diaz to list the most important issues facing The Bronx, as well as City Island.
He said jobs, neighborhood safety, economic development and education. He vowed to continue his growing efforts supporting public safety, green manufacturing initiatives, he pointed to an upcoming education summit, and a financial assistance package for academic tools at PS 175. He also mentioned BOEDC, the primary economic development arm in the Bronx, which is requesting expressions of interest and seeking proposals for the development of a massive hotel center in the vicinity of Yankee Stadium.

On this midpoint of Hispanic Heritage month, we inquired how many senior members on his staff are of Latino, or of Hispanic origin. Borough President Diaz acknowledged that over 50% percent of the population of The Bronx is made up of Spanish speaking decent and proudly spoke about all the members on his senior staff, which is around seven members.

Diaz also praised Cablevision for agreeing to make substantial improvements to Bronxnet, but did not provide a schedule of when these enhancements would be clearly visible to all Bronxites.

Concerning IRENE, Diaz says we were fortunate that when it reached our area it turned out to be a tropical storm. He invited all Bronx residents who need to file a claim and anyone living in an area designated V12 Zone, who may wish to contest should immediately come to his office because FEMA officials are ready willing, able and waiting there to assist you.