CIMAGES - Turning a News Leaf

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We’ve decided that there is way too much bad news being covered, so we're turning over a news leaf. From now on we will make every effort to start covering more positive news and to offer our readers a balance. We are not proposing to cover only good news and nothing else. What we will make every effort to do is to try and balance our coverage with inspirational news, feel good stories and water cooler content.

By focusing on crime, poverty, drugs and aberrant behavior, many news outlets have failed to focus on the wider picture. We will attempt to offer a complete portrait of the world around us. Both good and not so good.

We've listened to our readers and have heard all of you loud and clear. We agree that unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of press coverage still emphasizes the pathology of negative behavior - poverty, violence, gangs, illiteracy - almost to the exclusion of great things and brilliant actions on the part of many wonderful people, those marvelous folks who surround our everyday life.

Unfortunately, news is defined as the unusual, the triumphs and tragedies, underachievers and overachievers. Simply stated, it is about the extremes in our lives and not the typical every day occurrences.

Having said this, we are asking everyone to offer story ideas that we can write about, or to write them yourselves. Please, tell everyone you know and even those you may not know that City Island Images is offering rewards for the best profiles of people working for the greater good and for the most inspirational stories we can publish.

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