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Do you have excellent digital images from this massive storm? Tweet your photos to CITY IMAGES and if we

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WSJ reports " Our first snow was 6 days ago on January 17th. We got about an inch.”

“We've had about an inch of snow so far.” “The coldest day so far was 18 days ago on January 5th. It went down to 13 degrees. ”


“The longest cold snap lasted 3 days, ending on January 8th.”

“Our first snow was on November 26th. We got less than an inch.”

“The last snow was on March 21st. We got less than an inch.”

“We had 4 and a half feet of snow.”

“The coldest day was February 20th. It went down to 3 degrees. ”


“The longest cold snap since 1985 lasted 4 days, ending on December 24, 1989.”

“The month with the most snow since 1985 was January 2011 which had almost 3 feet.”

“The coldest day since 1985 was back on January 21, 1985. It went down to 3 below. ”