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Its the local version of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, but based right here on City Island and available through the Internet. This collection includes an eclectic and lively mix of antique jewelry and collectibles, with stories, friendly suggestions and useful tips for the avid buff, or merely for the curious individual, who appreciates classic keepsakes.

City Islander Cynthia Conley calls he business Over the Creek Enterprise. She is a mother of two grown sons, one who still lives on the island. She is also the wife of Dr. Vladimir Kvetan, MD.

She says the top item was an Edwardian period collar from the 1900, worn by Victoria because the danish princess was trying to hide the mole on her neck. It sells for $1500

The second item, which is from the 1940's are a ruby necklace and matching earrings from Thailand, set in sterling silver. These sell for $6600

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