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Following that auction, which brought about the sale and future tittle transfer of Rat Island from a former City Islander to a present City Island resident, another somewhat mysterious auction took place, and the outcome was not as clear this time around.

73 year old Edmund Brennen also wanted to sell his property on City Island avenue. The 7900 square foot building, which is located at 270 City Island avenue had more bidders, with deeper pockets than those who had previously shown interest in Rat Island. ultimately the property was purchased for $567K by an unidentified bidder, who only had a sign on him with the number #609.

When City Island Images approached this while male, the individual would only say his name was Barclay and that he came from Flushing, Queens. We know there is a massive Asian population in Flushing and we also know that Chinese investors are pouring lots of money into our US economy. To add an additional international intrigue to this global City Island marketplace, Dr. Mignone of the Italian Hospital Society, who is planning a senior housing project here on City Island was also present at today's auction and he showed some initial interest in this same property. Meanwhile, when I asked mystery man #609 what his plans were for the property he had just purchased, he made reference to a pharmacy or drug store, adding maybe Walgreen, but as I pressed him for additional information, he declined to answer any more of my questions.

City Island Real Estate Broker Jackie Kyle Kall tells me that same gentlemen had given her a business card earlier in the day, but after I called her to seek additional information on the guy, she could not find his card.

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Edward, "Red" Brennen - ugh I rented from him in the past! He lives in FL and could basically care less if you're freezing in your apartment. I'm glad he sold the building, he was a suck-y landlord.

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Red Brennan was not a great land lord and perhaps the island is better with out him. But the island is a better place without drug dealers like the Jerome Taffet of Bay St finally getting arrested. He has provided drugs to City Island youth for perhaps as many as 20 years!