City Island Boondoggle?

Submitted by ub on Sat, 10/28/2017 - 15:43

Two years ago, NYC DOT opened a temporary bridge to serve as a connector to and from City Island. As work began to replace we wondered if the long-standing permanent bridge would actually be replaced with a new, state of the art structure? Can today's ceremony of the new City Island Bridge be the calm before the storm? Could this also happen here?

We've now learn the bridge has opened without guard rails to protect pedestrians from fast-moving traffic. The new permanent bridge replaced one with protective divider and it had been in place since 1901. City Images reached out to Tutor Perini and NYC for answers to these questions, but we have yet to receive any response.

The bridge serves as the sole vehicular, pedestrian and cyclist access to City Island and carries thousands of vehicles daily over Eastchester Bay. City Islanders were told the old bridge required extensive and continuous maintenance, and would be replaced along with the same alignment with a new three-span structure supported by two piers in the waterway and will measure 17 feet wider than the old bridge. But is this new structure more dangerous?

The new width of the new bridge accommodates three standard traffic lanes with bike lanes and pedestrian walkway space, without protection. The new bridge was designed to current standards and its width allows for future repair and rehabilitation to be carried out while maintaining one lane of traffic in each direction. Also, it clears any truck, bus and van height restrictions caused by the overhead truss on the old bridge.

City Island Bridge is the lifeline for City Islanders who use it to get to work every day, as well as to access food and supplies. It is the only way to get on and off the island. But cause pedestrian accidents waiting to happen?

For over 114 years the City Island Bridge served the community at large, from residents to visitors and from images makers to meal takers. Pleasant memories about the old bridge may transform into a dark and dangerous crossing if these corrections are not completed. One Dead and 22 Injured as Car Rams Into Pedestrians in Times Square Car crashes into crowd on Brooklyn sidewalk