Submitted by ub on Sat, 08/24/2013 - 09:59

Despite incorrect information published in local media and misleading statements made by some leaders of the City Island community, NYC’s Department of Transportation has decided to issue Tutor Perini Construction Company a go ahead green light notice to proceed on the construction of the New City Island Bridge.

Just in case there are any doubters saying the bridge does not need to be replaced, here are several photos taken over this weekend of the bridge's underbelly. See for yourself.

But some point out that the project did not go through the Land-Use Review Process because it is merely replacing an existing bridge. This 17-foot-tall, 112-year-old metal swing bridge that currently connects City Island to the rest of the Bronx is in desperate need of repair.

A temporary three-lane bridge will be erected during construction. The $102.7 million price tag set by the firm was the lowest of 11 bids, according to the Department of Transportation. When completed, the new span would be the first major cable-stayed bridge in the state, according to a Tutor Perini spokesman.

The City Island's Civic Association protested the bridge's design as being out of character and unacceptable and that the small group had not approved this design, and that a public meeting was not held on City Island. At the end, DOT disregarded their opposition in their application to the State.

Tutor Perini has been involved in other New York bridge dramas. Most recently, for outsourcing a $235 million MTA contract to work on the Verrazano Bridge to two Chinese steel companies.

CICA says it will continues its determination to pursue all avenues, including legal, to delay this project until a new and more receptive mayoral administration takes office in January. However, some Mayoral candidates have advised they will likely be unable to speak to the small organization.

Meanwhile a growing number of bridges, including The City Island Bridge throughout this country are in serious need of immediate replacement or repair.