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There are no guests scheduled to address the general membership as of this time.

In light of recent events with Hurricane Sandy, this meeting will allow for nominations and elections for the positions of President, Second Vice President and Recording Secretary. Helen Anderson has led the nominating committee; she will present a slate for consideration. Nominations will also be taken from the floor.

In the last month there have been two significant fires on City Island, one on Reville Street and another on Fordham Street. We hope City Hall takes notice of just how important it is that our community has adequate fire protection.

May 8th will be the 45th Precinct Community Council’s Annual Breakfast! The event will take place at the Villa Barone Manor (737 Throggs Neck Expressway, Bronx, NY, 10465) between 8:30-11AM. Tickets will be $15 and include a buffet breakfast. Barbara Dolensek will be honored this year.

The standing committees will give a report to membership including Crime, Quality of Life, Development and Traffic. Our temporary committee on eyesores will also report.

Please bring any concerns you may have before the Association next meeting so we can work together to correct any issues and continue to improve our neighborhood.

Minutes of Meeting held February 26, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm by John Doyle, Corresponding Secretary, as Bill Stanton was not present. The reading of the minutes of the January meeting was waived and they were accepted as distributed. The treasurer’s report indicated there was $18,797.07 in the SONE budget and $13,384.72 in the regular Civic account. The attorney has been paid $13,387 to date.

The 45th Precinct will have its second annual awards breakfast on May 8 from 8:30 to 11 a.m. for $15 at Villa Barone. Barbara Dolensek will be honored. The precinct recently arrested an individual who had stolen 25 cars and expect that car thefts will now decrease significantly in the area.

Development: The BSA staff raised a number of questions about the Mignone project that were sent to his attorney in October 2012 requesting a response within 60 days. To date no response has been received. The Civic sent letters to the IRS and the NYS Health Department outlining the various issues that should disqualify the Italian Hospital Society from building and operating senior housing. If the BSA hearing does not go our way, the lack of response in a timely fashion would be grounds for an appeal. In the meantime, no hearing has been calendared.

A contractor has publicized the fact that their bid to construct the new bridge for City Island for $104 million is the lowest received by the Department of Transportation. The builder is experienced with bridge building and has been involved with many other projects throughout the country. They have announced that work will begin on the temporary bridge in April and are seeking office space on City Island, but no contracts have been signed.

Traffic: Traffic on Valentine’s Day and the holiday weekend that followed was well handled by the 45th precinct, which prepared a plan for creating holding patterns for cars entering restaurant parking lots and placing No Parking signs along the Avenue up to Tier Street. There were some complaints about the signs so the Police Dept. removed some and limited the hours they were in effect.

Helen Anderson agreed to head the nominating committee for the offices of President, Second Vice President. and Recording Secretary. The slate will be presented at the March meeting, nominations will be accepted from the floor, and voting will take place then. The usual elections were not held in October because of hurricane Sandy.

The Belden Point Park design was finally approved, and construction should begin in the spring after the bidding process.

Householders are liable for the costs of repairing water and sewer lines between their houses and the street, so the DEP has begun a program to offer water line and sewer “insurance” to cover such costs. It is optional for homeowners and will be charged with the water bill.

Andrew Blackman proposed that the Civic set up a committee to monitor and improve unsightly lots on City Island. Sites will have to be identified and letters sent by the Civic to the homeowners or 311 calls might be made if violations are being committed. Blackman agreed to chair the committee.

The dayhab center on City Island Avenue does need the two parking spots in the front of the building near Cross Street to load and unload clients safely. The Legion parking lot is being pursued as an option.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20.

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