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You make a good point about the enforcement for islanders and non-islanders alike. Islanders enjoy double parking while grocery shopping, or parking in the bus stops (Dunkin Donuts, Connies, IGA) so the bus riders have to walk around them to get on or off the bus. I welcome increased traffic patrols and more tickets issued to Islanders and non-islanders alike.

The next Meeting of the City Island Civic Association takes place on Tuesday, May 29th at 7:30pm at 190 Fordham Street. Your input and attendance are welcomed.

The special guest speaker will be Captain Russell Green of the 45th Precinct. Captain Green has been tremendously helpful dealing with crime issues on City Island. He will also address traffic enforcement plans for the summer months. Please keep in mind, enforcement applies to all, visitors and residents, equally.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is threatening to close Ladder 53 during evening hours in his proposed budget. Members of the community are fighting this proposal because it will place lives in jeopardy. Councilman Jimmy Vacca has been coordinating efforts to oppose this closure. Here are two ways you can help, First there is a hearing downtown at City Hall on June 1 where testimony can be given to members of the City Council. Secondly, there will be a rally at St Mary Star of the Sea Gym on June 4 at 7:30pm. All are urged you to attend.

Please keep in mind, posting flyers on poles and trees is illegal. Clutter on street poles also sends a poor impression of our community. If you are having a yard sale, please consider alternative forms of advertising.

Please keep in mind, with the summer season starting and noises issues will be undoubtedly returning. Please call 311 for all non-emergency issues. Should you observe a crime in progress, please call 911.

Happy Memorial Day to all, the Leonard Hawkins Post’s Memorial Day Parade starts at 2:30pm on Monday May 28th. Thank you to all of our veterans for your service! God Bless the U.S.A.!

The following are minutes of the City Island Civic Association meeting, April 24, 2012:

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by Fred Ramftl, vice president, in the absence of President Bill Stanton. Tom Smith gave the treasurer’s report; the regular account is now $14,331.87; the SONE account is $10,084.17.

Because the city DEP plans to increase water rates by 7% attendees were asked to sign a protesting petition that will be presented at a hearing on April 25 by Councilmember James Vacca.

Much of the meeting was devoted to a presentation by the Parks Department of the proposed refurbishing of Belden Point at the southern end City Island Avenue. This was a long dormant plan of the City and States that was revitalized through the efforts of the Civic Association, the Chamber and Senator Jeff Klein in 2010. The plan includes the construction of an area with paths and seating, plus plantings around the site. The project also includes the reconstruction of drainage systems and the relocation of utilities. The guard rails and chainlink fences will be removed, and it is hoped that the graffiti and broken piers will be either removed or made more attractive. Because construction will interfere with summer traffic, a ground breaking isn’t projected until the fall.

Susan Bellinson raised again her proposal to improve the run-down property by the bridge, which used to be Rosenbergers; the private part of the property is now in receivership but some is city owned. She would like to see the property improved; her plan includes a café and art shops with a dock for non-motorized boats. The plans include renovating the building as a historical City Island site and a park area whose use would be recreational. There is no funding for this project but she would like ideas and responses to the

Paul Nani was not present but he has been in touch with Captain Green, and the traffic agents will be back in full force for Mother’s Day weekend and the summer.

Barbara Dolensek obtained from the federal DOT office a copy of the DOT Draft Report for the City Island Bridge. The report does not include a single document addressed to the residents of City Island and there is no evidence of any public protest, although many letters have been sent to DOT and the mayor. There was a presentation to the community, where protests were raised, but there was never a public hearing or a vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.