City Island Images 7/7/11

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White Hose Negotiates on Debt Ceiling - Social Security, Medicare and changes in Tax Code. Stay tuned for political fireworks in our nation's capital.

Casey Anthony sentenced for lesser crimes. When that verdict was read in her murder trial in a Florida courtroom, our nation's collective jaws dropped and pople were surprised.

DSK case showns that French do not apologize. The prosecution had to reconsider if they could go forward with the case after finding that Strauss-Kahn's accuser was not being truthful.

135 Space Shuttle Mission Ends at Kennedy Space Center. This is the end of an era for US Astronauts.

US imvestigators fear belly bombs may be implanted inside terrorist bombers.

Could Yankees see 300 Hits for Bronx Bomber tonight?

Grizzly Bear kills at Yellowstone Park.

FaceBook Claims 750 Million Members.

Lots of Bull in Pamplona Spain.